“These paintings are an investigation based on a portrait of the “Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Pink Dress “ by Juan Batista Mazo Martinez. I was intrigued and attracted to this portrait. It has roots both in the history of painting and the representation of women.

I followed a path of exploration (play) by examining various ways to reinvent the subject in a contemporary derivation. Originally I worked on B&W copies with inks, markers, graphite, gouache and acrylic to reveal other perspectives and engage my imagination.

Using oil paints provided a connection to the historical background. I started painting with oils on smaller panels until I established a confidence with the medium and then progressed to larger canvases.

During this process I became aware of an emotional sympathy related to the subject and some pieces reflect a nostalgic reverence for what is lost. A painting is a collection of feelings and traces. Other works make comment on the feminine. Within society the view of women as playthings or status symbols continues to be prevalent.