I love painting, the action of spreading the paint, mixing the colours, the unexpected results that can occur during application.

I started painting with acrylics but for the past several years have been working in oils.

My work is image based as I endeavour to create a visual image that will suggest a story, an idea or feeling. I want to present the viewer with an image that they can interpret. I will select an image, from my own photographs or from the history of art. This I will reconstruct, combine or adapt to create a more contemporary image.

I am drawn to concepts of memory, nostalgia ,imagination and elements of nature.

I also enjoy working with drawing materials as well as with gouache and collage as a way to explore the different directions the work may take. I enjoy the entire process of creating, and often find that a painting decides where it is going and my task is to respond to the work. This is challenging but the most rewarding.